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We are looking for innovated products from overseas.

We have sales force leading succession in expanding latest hot products into Japanese marketplaces.

It is great pleasure for us to have an opportunity to introduce excellent products to Japan.

Reliable sales Channel

We have well developed online and offline distribution network.
We first study and understand the products where we should target to promote, find out fastest way to achieve big sales.

Support branding

With understanding of product values, we design and create supportive contents for the brand recognition. Discussing with a manufacturer for value based pricing is very important. We avoid unnecessary price competitions.

Demand boosting

We are flexible in promotion and advertisement. Web media, exhibition shows and magazines, every possible way, we will find best way to reach potential end-user.

Matching Japanese standard and regulation

It is very important to comply with Japanese standard and regulation by Food Sanitation Act and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law to start selling foods.

We are always welcome for consulting obtaining Japanese certification.
Please contact us if you have any question.

Product localization

Many Japanese people does not understand English very well.

They do not search English web sites.

We can create Japanese contents online, and Japanese package and manual if necessary.

Customer support

We have our customer support staffs.

We know that our customer service is a key to support Manufacturers.

Our trained staffs cover keeping customer relation.



Coplas Inc.


Shinyokohama, Kohoku, Yokohama Japan